Phil's Property Maintenance Services



*Pigeon Evictions - Attaching Stainless /PVC Mesh Guarding for under Solar Panels.


  • Holes in Wall (plaster) Boards
  • Home Handyman Jobs - catchers, insect screens, handles, Hinges Minor Fence Repairs (wooden)
  • Minor painting - Touch ups
  • Curtain rods re-attached 

Gutter & Downpipes Cleaned

Solar Panel Cleaning

Pigeon Mesh Guarding for Solar Panels.

*Solar Panels have to be cleaned (just like windows)

*The Panels get covered in fumes, (eg planes, traffic ) dust or bird droppings making it difficult for the sun to penetrate through.

*Dirty panels significantly reduces your solar panels efficiency, meaning you will start having increased power bills.

Environmentally Friendly we use a bio-degradable and pH neutral solar panel cleaning detergents.

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels. 

How will Pigeons effect your roof or gutters when living under your solar panels:

The Nets, bird droppings and grit, will fill up the Gutters. The Gutters will corrode , rain water over flowing gutters or coming inside walls. Pigeon droppings covered solar panels.

It's a Multiplication Plague:

Fact: Majority of Solar Panels have been placed at a 8-cm-10cm height on a roof (that is 10cm between the roof & solar panel )

1. How big do Crows grow? 2 How big does a Pigeon grow.?

If you have ONE happy pigeon PAIR make a home under your panels. They Nest, lay, usually 2 eggs, and each egg hatches. This results in the perfect Pigeon Pair every time. ( male and a female chick).

Parent birds feed them and are Happy....(waste gets washed down into your gutters. Some bits will even sprout plants! ) If you have a rain water tank...this will also be effected.

Now because they are living under the panels, CROWS can not get to them until they can fly out from under your panels

Chicks grow up in 3-4mths, they find a mate each. And continue to live at home or bring their mate home as well...which is under your solar panels.

And surprise in a few months you have more eggs and chicks...

How many Pigeon could be living under your panels in 1 this rate?

Experience facts: 20 panels can home 70 pigeons

14 panels can home 45 pigeons.

6 panels can home 8 pigeons.